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Laser cutting is one of the greatest innovations in fabrication to come along in the past 50 years. Laser processing allows cutting of intricate parts and components which help to eliminate labour intensive prefabrication costs. You will quickly notice the superior quality of our products, including burr free edges, narrow kerf, and a minimal heat affected zone (HAZ). By having your parts laser cut, you will be producing a higher quality end product. Our lasers also have marking and etching capabilities that are cost effective, permanent, and clean. This non-contact laser marking has become the identification method of choice for serialization, alphanumerics, and even company logos. Our lasers will cut and etch on a wide variety of materials, varying from shim stock to QT-100 and AR500 plate.

Maximum Thickness’ cut: Steel up to 1’’, Stainless Steel up to 1/2”, Aluminium up to 1/2”, and Brass/Bronze up to 0.063”. To complement our lasers we employ experienced, certified laser technicians, and drafting personnel. We can accept a variety of electronic files, including DXF, DWG, CAD, or JPG. Our technicians are also highly capable of drafting your project for you, from scratch. We are excited to offer this technology to you, along with our exceptional customer service! You can call, fax or email for a quote. Lasermann, where we offer affordable laser cutting solutions!